Success Stories

Most of these dogs are owner surrenders that we've helped place in new INDOOR homes!

ROMEO is a 12 year-old Jack Russell terrier who has spent the last seven years of his life living in trash at the end of a chain.  He was an owner surrender on March 4th, 2011.  Because of the way he was living, Romeo is not an adoptable dog.  He shows extreme aggression toward other dogs and sometimes people.  He will spend what time he has left with us.  Update:  Romeo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 4th, 2012. We miss him everyday.


Arthur was a small terrier who was nearly 18 years old when we rescued him.  He had been chained to a tree on a 5 ft. chain for 14 years.  It took a year for his owner to finally surrender him.  Arthur was not an adoptable dog because of the way he lived.  He was extrememly aggressive toward other dogs and people.  Sadly Arthur was full of heartworms.  The kind people at King Kennels in Springfield, OH agreed to keep Arthur until we could find him a home, but that clearly was not going to happen.  They took such great care of him until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sept. 30, 2013.  


Ruby came to us from an irresponsible backyard breeder.  She is blind, deaf, had rotten teeth and a huge hernia that drug the ground.  Dr. Amy Welker at the Union Co. Humane Society fixed her up and Ruby is now happy in her new forever home.



Powder was an owner surrender.  She was covered in fleas and anemic.  She was fostered with The Backyard Dog Project for several weeks and finally found her forever home in December 2011.

Bella was an owner surrender in January 2012.  She was horribly matted and neglected.  Bella went to rescue with Friends of Shelby County Ohio Animals. She is now known as Cortana and is happy with her new family!


Sam was found as stray in February 2012.  He was in very bad shape.  He had an eye infection, ear infection, a hematoma on his ear and a hernia.  He was covered in fleas and his back was bald.  Sam was fully vetted and went to his new home on Feb. 18th.

Tiny and Spanky are two Chihuahua pups who were surrendered because the owner could no longer care for them.  They were adopted through recommendations from our friends at Rescue Me Ohio.      

Brownie has an owner who at one time had too many dogs to care for.  We helped rehome several of those dogs and now she is down to just Brownie.  We helped get Brownie spayed and vaccinated.  Rather than chaining Brownie, the owner keeps her indoors and takes her on frequent walks.  SUCCESS!!!

Congratulations to the Olding family on their new addition!

SHENO and SHEBA (mother and daughter) and pup
Sheno and Sheba were outdoor dogs, chained 24/7 living in poor conditions.  They were surrendered to us, along with Sheno's only surviving puppy out of a litter of six.  Thank you to the Union Co. Humane Society for taking in Sheno and her pup and getting them adopted.  Thank you to the Fuerst family for adopting Sheba.

Rooney was an owner surrender.  She is now living the good life with her adoptive family!

Gizmo was an owner surrender and hit the jackpot when he was adopted by the Stanley family!

BRUISER and his son BENJI
These little guys were chained and severely flea-infested.  During their vet visit, an employee decided to keep Benji and prep him as birthday gift for her 4 year-old neice!  Bruiser was taken into rescue by the good folks at Barely Used Pets and is now living with his adopter in Florida.


Heaven was an owner surrender who went to rescue in Akron, OH with Golden Treasures Rescue.  She's really coming out of her shell and is blossoming into the beautiful girl that she was meant to be!

Maya is a 4 year-old Golden mix who had been put outdoors because of a new baby in the house.  She's a really good girl and is doing well with a foster family!


Miley was an abandoned, very pregnant St. Bernard.  Thank you to Harley's Mission of Hope rescue for working with us and taking this sweet girl in.  


Porky is a Shitzu who was living in a filthy kennel.  Thank you to SASS in Urbana, OH for getting cleaned up and into a forever home!  Look at that face!


Manny, a small Shitzu, was chained his whole life.  He was surrendered to us in the dead of winter and is now happy in his forever home!

HENRY (Major Payne)

Henry was found as a stray.  He was not chipped and no one came looking for him.  We got him neutered and vaccinated.  Thank you Payne family for adopting him!


Abbey and her pup Bear came from a neglectful home.  We're so happy that we were able to get them fully vetted and adopted into forever homes!