Facts About Chained Dogs

The Backyard Dog

Perhaps the biggest and most widely held misconception about dogs is the belief
that they will be healthy and happy living only in the backyard.  However, nothing
could be further from the truth.  Current studies in dog psychology show that
dogs isolated in backyards are highly likely to develop serious behavioral
problems that often result in euthanasia for the animal.

W H A T   Y O U   S H O U L D   K N O W :

D O G S  A R E   P A C K   A N I M A L S   T H A T   T H R I V E   O N   C O M P A N I O N S H I P .    
Much like their wolf ancestors, dogs are very social.  In fact, dogs are more social than
humans and need to be part of human families.  When you own a dog, you
become the dog’s pack and he wants to be with his pack.  Forcing a dog to live
outside with little or no human companionship is one of the most psychological
damaging things a pet owner can do to a dog.

D O G S   A R E   ALSO  D E N   A N I M A L S  
They like to have a safe, quiet, and secure place to sleep, rest, and hang out, such as your house.  
Your dog has a wonderful ability to learn and therefore to be house trained.  A dog who resides
more in your house than in the yard is a much happier, content animal, because of the security 
of a den and your companionship.

B A C K Y A R D   D O G S   H A V E   M O R E   B E H A V I O R A L   P R O B L E M S 
 Since all your dog’s instincts are telling him it is not good to be left alone or isolated from his
pack, your dog can become very stressed or anxious.  A dog exhibits stress by digging, barking, 
howling or whining, chewing, escaping, and exhibiting hyperactivity.  These problems can become
so troublesome that your neighbors may complain about the barking, howling, property destruction,
or your dog escaping .

B A C K Y A R D   D O G S   A R E   H A R D E R   T O   T R A I N    
Considering a backyard dog does not develop a strong bond toward your family, he is harder to train 
than a dog allowed to be in the house with your family.  This also makes him less responsive to commands.

B A C K Y A R D   D O G S   M A K E   L O U S Y   G U A R D   D O G S 
 As a dog becomes naturally protective of where he lives (his territory or turf),  he will only defend 
the place he lives in.  If he is never allowed in the house, then the house will not become a place to protect.  
Most people keep their valuables inside their houses, so why wouldn't you want your dog to protect the 
inside of your house?  Unless allowed to live inside, your dog will not develop that sense of territory.  
He will not sound the alarm when someone tries to invade your house.  It is not uncommon to hear
stories of families being robbed while their backyard dog snoozed through the whole episode .

B A C K Y A R D   D O G S   H A V E   H I G H E R   R A T E S   O F   E U T H A N A S I A 
Backyard dogs are more often given up than house dogs because they were never looked upon
as family by their human pack.  Sadly, that means they are easier to dispose of.Backyard dogs 
do not have the opportunity to become socialized to people and other dogs, and may become so fearful 
or even vicious that they may have to be euthanized.