How You Can Help

Report A Dog in Need

Call The Backyard Dog Project  (937) 505-0094
Clark County Humane Society  (937) 399-2917
Champaign County Dog Warden  (937) 484-1613
Champaign County Humane Association/Paws Animal Shelter  (937) 653-6233
Union County Humane Society  (937) 642-6716

Get Involved

  • Be an advocate for outdoor dogs. Chained and neglected animals need all the friends they can find. 
  • Speak with owners who chain.  Here is a useful handout:
  • Ride along with outreach workers.  It's always best to use the 'buddy system' when contacting dog owners.
  • Be a part of a work crew to make yards more dog friendly.
  • Offer to walk a chained dog.
  • Adopt or foster a backyard dog that owners want to relinquish.


  • collars and leashes
  • cable tie-outs/trolley lines - greater than 15ft long (no chains)
  • straw
  • fencing supplies
  • plastic doghouses/igloos
  • plastic dog crates
  • wire dog cages
  • topical flea drops
  • fly repellant (FlysOff and SWAT)
  • dog and puppy food (will take open bags)
  • dog treats/rawhides
  • dog toys   
Monetary Donations:
Your monetary donation could help give a formerly chained dog a safe, enclosed yard; a doghouse; straw to provide warmth; flea treatment to combat discomfort and disease; or a simple collar and leash to enable a much-needed walk.  The Backyard Dog Project is a 501(c)3, non-profit charity.