Adoptable Dogs

Our adoptable dogs are all owner surrenders.  They are all backyard dogs desperately looking for new homes.  Please note that chained dogs often come with some baggage.  These dogs can be fearful of strangers and sometimes territorial because of the way they've been living.  They are looking for owners who understand their background and have the time and patience to train them.  NONE OF OUR DOGS WILL BE ADOPTED AS OUTDOOR DOGS.  If you're interested in adopting/fostering any of our dogs, please fill out an adoption/foster application.  THANK YOU!

NOTE:  We typically try to adopt dogs locally so a home visit can be conducted before adoption to ensure that the dog is compatible with all members of the household.  However, we don't want distance to keep a dog from going to a good home.  In some cases we're able to recruit individuals to perform home checks for us.  If you're out of state, please understand that an adoption may not be possible if we cannot procure a reliable home check.

Rehoming fees/donations are required to help us recoup our veterinary, food, boarding etc. expenses so we can continue to help other dogs in need. 

No available dogs at this time.